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Jamie Hall

Coach | Visionary | Community Builder





5685 Sand Rd

Bellingham,WA 98226

Hello! I'm Jamie. I am passionate about co-creating a whole-hearted and compassionate world where ALL beings have the opportunity to thrive. We each have unique and powerful gifts to share for our personal and collective healing and evolution. Here are a few of my gifs that I offer.


After owning my own dance school, a 15 year career in modern dance performing and teaching around the world, a MFA in Dance and Higher Education form the University of Utah, then devoting myself to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, I became a transformative whole health coach. For 10 years of my coaching career I worked for a Seattle based nationwide healthcare company, Vera Whole Health, as a trainer, facilitator and development coach, certifying health coaches and helping medical professionals to transform healthcare through empathetic listening and coaching skills. 

It's always been my dream to have my own studio and community space that I can teach and facilitate the things I love to do like dancing, yoga, holistic fitness, cooking, transformative circle work as well as individual and group coaching. But most importantly my dream was to create a space for community and connection on the path to wholeness and wellbeing. Thanks to taking one step at a time, many coaches along the way and a web of community support, this dream is now a reality!

The greatest gift and most transformative experience of my life is being the mother of amazing 5yr old twin boys, Jayvyn and Xhaiden Heartsong, who make my heart sing in SO many different ways. 


I'm  proud to be a co-parent in an expanded family paving the way for more harmonious and supportive alternatives to raise children outside of a nuclear family. 


If you’re interested to hear more or know someone else who may be, please email me at

I have a unique approach that weaves together over 15 years of coaching experience and tools into an intuitive flow that invites insight, ignites transformation and sustains growth.

Are you ready to talk?

Take advantage of a free, no obligation session because your life tranformation starts today!

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