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Exploratory Movement Practice

With Carmen Serber

This class fosters personal growth by building upon our self-expressive capabilities in an interplay of inner and outer worlds - an antidote to fear and anxiety. 


I offer guidance and a structure that is simple and inviting. For folks that are more familiar in the somatic movement field, this class draws from Authentic Movement, Contemplative Dance Practice and other modalities that center around our felt experience as we move in relationship to what we are feeling and doing.


It is about becoming intimate with the range of possibilities that are arising moment by moment. A way to come in contact with our direct sensory experience of movement/stillness. And of course strengthening our capacity to be a grounded and buoyant witness.


This practice invites us to lean into the unknown, as this is the place where things usually get juicy and magical.


We move at the speed of trust and learn how to listen into space. 

Mondays 5:00PM - 8:00PM

This is not a drop-in class and welcomes people who want to commit to a continuous movement practice over a longer period of time. If interested and/or curious please give Carmen a call.


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