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Healing Tao
for Women

with Caryn Boyd Diel

 Introduction to Taoist Practices for Women.

Inner Smile and 6 Healing Sounds; Supporting the Endocrine Glands and clearing Emotions. 

✨ Sunrise and Full Moon practices. The alchemical poetry of Sun Buer

✨ Jade Woman Qigong, Energy Anatomy and the Microcosmic Orbit mediation.

✨ Bone Breathing Qigong. Diet, the Immune system and Bone Health.

✨ Self Care and  Pelvic Health

✨ Well Breast Prevention and Treatment. Acupressure Routine.

✨ Tao Yin and Taoist Dream Practice


October 8 & 9, 2022

 Saturday 9am- 7:30pm

Sunday 9am-3pm


includes all handouts.

To register:  email

or call 505 670-3538

 To pay for class please use PayPal address:  or use Venmo, or a credit card by calling White Cloud Institute at 505 670-3538. 


Would you like to join us?

~ Location~

Heartsong Transformative Arts Center

5685 Sand Rd

Bellingham,WA 98226


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