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Come sit and bathe in the ambient sounds of live plant music as we explore our inner landscape during this Full Moon cycle

Welcome to the debut of an ongoing Plant Spirit Sound Journey series!

Each moon cycle, the plants and I are opening a container for those desiring an intentional and safe space to integrate current energies, explore their emotional bodies, sit and gather in intention, or simply just absorb the sounds of live earth music created in the moment between a human and plant.

We will begin with some conscious breathing and a short meditation to settle into the space, focusing on cleansing and strengthening our auric bodies. From there, we will set our intentions for the journey and make our way to the floor and allow the healing powers of earth induced sound to wash over us.

The sound journey will last for around an hour, and then we will close the container and open the space for questions or sharing, if desired.

February 20th, 2022

7:30 - 9:00pm

at the Heartsong Transformative Art Center

5685 Sand Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226

Suggested donation of $15-25, cash or send donation via venmo @Sitimorba

(to avoid fees, do not donate via Eventbrite)



To reserve your space please register via Eventbrite by clicking here


email with the number of spaces you'd like to reserve

Blessings to you, hope to see you there!



What is live plant music?

Plants are sentient beings and, like us, emit an ongoing energetic frequency, also known as their aura or vibration. While we have the capacity to translate this energy into sound in a tangible way, plants do not. Luckily there are some brilliant artists out there that have developed a device that translates the electromagnetic pulses of the plant into sound.

How do you play with the plants?

Plants carry life force energy which is present and alive in all living beings. When I access that pure life force within me, my consciousness is sitting on the same plane as the plant and therefore is linked up in a way that a channel of communication arises. While I don't tell the plants what to do or how to play, there is simply a knowing between us of what comes next. Much like being in the flow with music, art, or any other type of creation, those who are on the same wavelength simply *know*, and those who are not dwelling at that particular frequency are unable to receive the information. It feels very much like intense presence and a deep trust in the unfolding.

Do I have to be vaccinated/tested/wearing a mask?

This event is a safe space for all choices to be honored and respected. There are no requirements, only encouragement to do what you need in order to feel your best.


Please arrive 10 minutes beforehand to find your spot and get settled.


  • 7:15-7:30: arrival and settling in

  • 7:30-7:55: opening the container, breathing, meditation and auric cleanse, setting intention

  • 7:55-8:00: quick break / settling onto the floor for sound journey

  • 8:00-8:50 ish: sound healing journey

  • 8:50ish -9:00: closing, sharing & questions



  • yoga mat or equivalent. The floor is soft wood but still wood :)

  • blanket(s), pillow(s), cozy sweater, eye mask etc

  • water bottle or tea if desired

  • any sacred objects you'd like to bring

***some mats and blankets will be available to those in need***

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