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Heartsong Transformative Arts Center

Cadie Selah testimonial.PNG

Cadie Selah (Federmeyer), MSOM, LAc, CEP Creatrix Mystery School

IG: @cadie.selah

As a women’s holistic health specialist, feminine embodiment coach, and licensed acupuncturist, I support women on their healing and soul journey through transformational wellness modalities and practices, both in one on one sessions as well as group programs and retreats.


So grateful for the blossoming of the vision for Heartsong Transformational Arts Center - truly a healing and beautiful temple space and such a blessing for the community!


I had the honor to host classes at the studio and felt very held by the space as well as by Jamie - co-creator and host of the space. I had everything I and my students needed for a gorgeous experience. I especially love the sense of community on that land, the sacred + fun ambience and the artisan craftsmanship of the building.

This studio space has been absolutely transformative for me. It is gorgeous and inviting; from the incredible view of Mt. Baker and Shuksan available from the huge windows, to the earth-colored bamboo floor, to the rounded edges of the canvas ceiling, it all works together to form the kind of atmosphere that I look forward to stepping into. The nourishing and fun class offerings all fit the vision of community, healing, and celebration of life. We are lucky to have this space in Whatcom County!

Nicole Testimonial.JPG

Nicole Styles
Bio-Myco Solutions

Brienne Thomas testimonial.JPEG

Art credit: Rose Unfolding

Brienna Thomas

Bubbling Well Biodynamic Cranialsacral relational touch

This magical place first wrapped me in her imaginal arms some twenty years ago. I have since witnessed such a profound transformational process.

 The realization of Jamie's dream.

 A place where community could coalesce around the womb-like safety of this spacious dance floor and beautiful kitchen!

 Whether for an intimate gathering or the energetic manifestation of an exuberant West African drum and dance class.

 The hall seems to adapt to what transpires within it's marvelous heart!

Trimmed in live-edged red cedar. The windows and doorways like portals into realms undreamed. A view of Mt Baker. Koma Kulshan, breath bestowing, grounding, and simultaneously uplifting! I really love it here!

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