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Cacao & Council

A ceremonial cacao circle & an explorative journey into what's flowering in the garden of our hearts.

As spring begins to blossom open, there is an abundance of new energy and sprouting possibilities. Through the way of council, cacao medicine, and community witnessing, we will explore the deeper truths alive in our hearts so we can direct our focused intent towards those seeds we most desire to see blossom into our lives moving forward.

We welcome you and the seeds of your heart to our co-created "community garden".

Saturday May 7th, 2022

2:00 - 5:00PM

$33 ~ $55 sliding scale 


Space is limited, so please rsvp by 5/5

To Reserve your space ~ 
Venmo @Ken-Fried
(please include your email and 'Cacao & Council' in notes)


Reach out to Ken with any questions

~ You can check out more about the facilitators at their websites ~ 


Abigail Hinds ~ 

Kenneth Fried ~

~ Here are a few logistical items for your consideration ~ 


~ We will be sitting on the wooden floor through the ceremony and for those who want or need, there are chairs. Heartsong center does have some yoga mats, blocks and blankets, though you're welcome to bring anything that would make you more comfortable in the space. 


~ Please come on an empty(er) stomach and if possible, we suggest no solid food after 2:30PM or so, so you can feel the subtle effects of the cacao. 


~ If you have a special mug you'd like to use for the cacao, feel free to bring that, though we'll have plenty of mugs! 


~ Carpooling is encouraged. You can park in the small lot at the Heartsong Center and across the street on the side of the road. 

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