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Together, we strive to create a world where the Heartsong within each of us harmonizes with the universal melody, forging a more loving, connected, and sustainable future for all.

Deepen Your Connection with a Heartsong Membership

Hello Heartsong Community!

We're thrilled to announce that for the next 30 days, the Heartsong Circle Membership will be completely free for all our members! We know you'll love it – a free trial for everyone to explore the full capabilities of our donation based member platform.

🔍 Discover & Engage: This is a special opportunity to discover the array of features that Heartsong Circle offers. From exclusive resources to engaging forums and free events, get ready to dive into a world of inspiration and connection.

🤝 Safe & Supportive Space: Our platform is more than just a service; it's a community. A safe haven where you can share your passions, connect with like-minded individuals, receive support, offer your gifts, and stay engaged between our heartwarming in-person gatherings.

💬 Connection is Key: Join the conversation in our Heartsong Family section. Chat, post, and share your stories, experiences and unique offerings with our ever-growing family. A place to weave the web of our extended communities.

🌱 More to Come: Keep an eye out – we're constantly adding new resources and features to make your Heartsong experience even more fulfilling including free online courses, seminars and more.

We are excited to share this special opportunity to be part of something bigger. Let's connect, share, and grow together in the Heartsong Circle, creating a symphony of harmony and healing! 

Welcome to the family!

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Circle FREE

  • RSVP: Secure your spot for upcoming events.

  • Event Alerts: Stay in the loop with notifications for upcoming events and special celebrations.

Heartsong Circle
Paid Membership

FREE until January 2024

  • Chose sliding scale option

  • Access to our community's private spaces

  • Access to member-only discounts and offers

  • Engaging online workshops

  • Rich resources tailored for you

  • Dive into rich, curated content & discussions

  • Stay connected with everything Heartsong in one place

  • Support our growing community

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