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Embodied Breast Health

I invite you to a ceremonial workshop designed to re-vitalize and up-level your Embodied Breast Health.

Come learn how to give your breasts the love and nourishment they require <3 

~ This workshop includes~

♡ Partaking in the healing heart sacrament of

Mama C A C A O

♡ Council of the heart ~ speaking to the reclamation of this culturally loaded area of the body ~ sharing new ways of relating to our chests that are empowering, nourishing and connective.

 ♡ Teaching on the lymphatic system in the breasts from an elemental Ayurvedic perspective ~ how these vital rivers flow through our chests, affecting our health and emotional body. How to care for these channels to keep your lymph rivers flowing and healthy.

♡ Connect with Ayurvedic self-care tools and Priestess practices that support change and prevent disease. We will touch on diet, lifestyle, and herbal solutions to keep the breasts and lymph in optimal health.

♡ Guided embodiment journey with your own breasts to renew your personal relationship with this area. Discovering ~ touching with tenderness ~ presence, curiosity, play ~ moving through pain stagnation and freeing up energy.

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Thursday April 21, 2022

5:30 - 9:30 PM


Let's be real, our breasts are either sexualized or they are a tool for feeding. Most other times they may be neglected, objectified, and projected upon.


From my experience working with sooooo many women, I know that our chests can be one of the most tender and under cared for areas of our body.


We hold stagnation, heartbreak, vulnerability, unexpressed emotions and unspoken words in the channels of our breasts. Often resulting in breast pain/tenderness, cysts, emotional stagnation & confusion, holding back truths and blocked throat/voice, trying to get love/attention/ worthiness and validation outside of ourselves.


In Ayurveda, the lymphatic system is called Rasa or ‘River of Life’. Our chest area has a huge concentration of these life giving lymph rivers ~ they are our immune system and play a massive role in our overall health and vitality.


Keeping these rivers clear, nourished and flowing is essential for optimal health, to prevent dis-ease and be in our intuitive feminine channel. 


Reclaiming and tending this area of the body is G O L D !!!!!


It frees up our emotional energy, our V I T A L flow and supports us to walk embodied in our authentic awakening hearts.


It’s time to reclaim and nurture ourselves in tender spacious love

Space is limited, so please rsvp 

To Reserve your space ~ 
Venmo @AbigailHinds 
(please include your email and 'Breast Health' in notes)


Reach out to Abigail with any questions ~

~ You can check out more about the facilitator at her website ~ 


Abigail Hinds ~ 

~ Here are a few logistical items for your consideration ~ 


~ We will be sitting on the wooden floor through the ceremony and for those who want or need, there are chairs. Heartsong center does have some yoga mats, blocks and blankets, though you're welcome to bring anything that would make you more comfortable in the space. 


~ Please come on an empty(er) stomach and if possible, we suggest no solid food after 5:00PM or so, so you can feel the subtle effects of the cacao. 


~ If you have a special mug you'd like to use for the cacao, feel free to bring that, though we'll have plenty of mugs! 


*** For the movement / embodiment journey there will be the option to take off your shirt and be bare breasted, if this is what feels right for you. You are also welcome to stay fully clothed. If you feel uncomfortable with others being topless and touching their breasts, this is not the space for you. 

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