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Essential Tools for Turbulent Times
Finding your center in the storm

With Zachary Heartsong

In this workshop you will build your Emotional First Aid Kit…Find the quickest, most reliable ways to go from being emotionally charged and/or overwhelmed to experiencing being Calm and Resourced. Uncover your True Compass to make life decisions in a much easier way. Build a practice that can radically shift any undesirable pattern in your life and can lead you to being fully alive and at home in the present moment.

You’ll Integrate:

  • A Ground-breaking Way to Understand your Nervous System and How to Find Balance (Through the lens of Somatic Experiencing and Poly-vagal Theory)

  • A firm grasp of the Breath Awareness Technique™ (Adapted from Thich Naht Hanh, Buddhist master)

  • A daily and 21 day practice to transform any unwanted pattern in your life

February 19th
1:00 - 5:00pm
Sliding scale available upon request

For more information contact Zachary at 

The world we once knew is a now dream. The world that will be has not yet been created. In between, we find ourselves in the creative center, needing to shed what’s past and to become renewed. Zachary Heartsong is committed to supporting those that want to bring out the most authentic versions of themselves and those that feel called create a world ensouled with Heart, Sovereignty, and Communion with All Life. From Western Body-Mind therapies to Earth-Based ways of spiritual living to Eastern systems of Presence cultivation and spiritual empowerment, Zachary weaves together a tapestry of insight, experience, and practice in his group work. You are invited to come together in this powerful time and rediscover our Wholeness as Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience with this  transformational body of work.  

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