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Grand Opening and Holiday Fair



Sunday, December 19th, 2021

11am - 4pm

Grand Opening and Holiday Fair.png

It's been a long time coming but the stars are aligned and the time is right to launch the official opening of the Heartsong Transformative Arts Center (the studio and community space that I've been building for the last few years). It's also the time of year that we tend to our own inner flame, find comfort and energy from community and begin to dream into the new year.


What have you been dreaming of bringing into the light of this new year?

Hi everyone!

I am dreaming of an open house event on Sunday, December 19th from 11am - 4pm where people from our interwoven communities come to mingle, celebrate, learn about each other's offerings and enjoy all that the Heartsong studio and community space has to offer.

What you'll see inside:

Food  ✨ Vendors ✨ Performers ✨ Practitioners

There will be people offering their art, crafts, products and services. There will be music, food and invitations to connect with one another in fun ways. Essentially, a day to weave the web of our heart offerings during this sacred solstice time.

Deep gratitude,


PS. If you would like to promote your art, products or services at the open house please contact me.

Featured Transformative Artists at this event:

Molly Abromitis - “Eyes of the Elders” is a collection of work created from tree rounds and earth pigments.


An homage to how our ancestors created art using only the raw elements around them, my craft uses all plant and mineral based materials.


Each piece is original and painted to celebrate the unique life of the tree by embracing the natural form while alchemizing their primordial energy into visionary art. 

Elizabeth Ruff.jpg

Elizabeth Ruff - Advanced Certified Soma Practitioner


Inspirational paintings and books

Lesta Bertoia

Laura Scarf.PNG
Laura leggings.jpg

“AhzAlhea Designs” Hand dyed and braided active and festival wear.

Laura Hale

Lucinda Diann is of Choctaw, Cherokee, and European descent. She has been weaving since 2001 and learned to work with cedar from many Pacific Northwest Coast native weavers. Her main teacher has been Rainbow Medicine-Walker who studied under Master Basket Weaver Lillian Pullen of the Quileute Tribe in La Push, Washington.  While weaving is her main focus, Lucinda also works with other materials including buckskin, beads, and other various mediums. She has created custom made baskets, cedar hats, beaded hair pieces, beaded patches as well as buckskin drum bags, pouches, and flute cases. Lucinda’s philosophy on art is that it is more about developing a relationship to the materials worked with than the finished product. She keeps growing, learning, and listening as she creates.

Lucinda 2.jpg
Lucinda 1.jpg

Lucinda Diann 

Selling Indigenous Peruvian Art and Textile, jewelry, ceremonial items, textiles, prints and more, handcrafted by highly skilled Shipibo tribal members.  

I first visited this community 5 years ago and was struck by their multigenerational commitment to their craft, the quality and beauty of it.  They have been hit hard by the Covid pandemic and lack of tourism so when my husband visited this past October he purchased a large variety of items to bring home.  We pay them full market price for "westerners" and are only marking those prices up about 25%.  All profits go towards a scholarship fund to support people having access to the healing work I do.  The people who create this work have been doing so for many generations and are still teaching their children, by purchasing these items you support them continuing to do that as well as those in our own community who can't afford holistic healing modalities.

I will have gift certificates available for hourly sessions with me utilizing systemic family constellation work and compassionate inquiry.  Both gentle somatic approaches to working with trauma and life challenges.”

Emilie Stift - Systemic Family Constellation Practitioner

“Witnessing and Tending to the Sacredness of Being”

Kimberli Scott - Held in Wholeness, Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner

Herbs 1.jpg
Herbs 2.jpg

“Nettles and Petals” High quality small batch, handcrafted herbal products.

Anna Derrer

Brienna Thomas
Bubbling Well” Biodynamic Cranialsacral Relational Touch Practitioner

Didgeridoos, Native American flutes, lathe turned bowls an decorative boxes
John Edgar Jones

Artwork and Stickers
Phoenix Chicken

Kombucha and CBD products
Cody Jackson and Full Bloom Sanctuary

Mushroom Plant Alchemy
Zachary Fulton

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